Carl's Jr.

Los Angeles 1941. Young Carl N. Karcher and his wife Margaret make a leap of faith and borrow $311 on their Plymouth automobile add $15 in savings and purchase a hot dog cart. One cart grows to four and in less than five years Carl's Drive-In Barbecue opens with hamburgers on the menu. The brand continues its growth with an emphasis on quality service and cleanliness pioneering concepts such as partial table service and self-serve beverage bars. The introduction of the signature Six Dollar Burger™ in 2001 marks the latest Carl's Jr.® advance in the quick-service industry confirming the chain's constant emphasis on product innovation and representing a desire to satisfy the tastes of young hungry consumers. On his first day in the fast-food business Carl N. Karcher took in $14.75. More than 60 years and 1000 restaurants later Carl's Jr.® has become known as the place to go all across the West for juicy delicious charbroiled burgers. They also offer breakfast daily until 10:30am chicken options such as the club and chicken strips salads sides and desserts.